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Serving Australian Soaring Since 1972

McPhee Aviation began selling gliding instruments in Australia in 1971. In the mid '70s we imported about 200 low power drain radios, introducing VHF radios to gliding in Australia. For the past 25 years we have been the principal supplier of specialised soaring instruments for Australia, including Winter of Germany and Cambridge Aero Instruments of USA. We also supply the Mode S transponders.
Tost GmbH of Munchen wish to congratulate Ian McPhee as our most successful distributor worldwide in 2005.  For this we have presented him a certificate and a quality Uhren Leon watch with Seiko mechanism.  This award was in part due to the sale of several Tost rope recall winches for fitting to Pawnee tow plane  E-tug powered by the GM LS1 V8 automobile engine and we in Germany would like to congratulate the foresight of the Australian's involved to follow through this project which I understand is now conducting test flights.  Also our Tost safety releases were used in the Australian coal mining industry and a safety device incorporating our release was awarded the "peoples choice" (runner up overall) at the 2005 Australian coal mining industry safety seminar in Sydney.  It pleases us our gliding equipment can contribute to mining safety in Australia and in time the world it would seem.  Ian McPhee has been our dealer in Australia for over 30 years and we in Germany wish to thank Ian sincerely.

Barbara Dorflein 
Tost GmbH, Munchen,  Germany. 

Products made in Australia

Flexible Boom Microphone for use in gliders
Now used with radio communications equipment and mobile telephones mounted in trucks and buses.
More information on Boom Microphones

Transceiver - Some transceivers may be available - Becker 4201 3201 and ATR-600 ex-Europe and are the 25 spacing (Europe is now 8.33 channel spacing)

You will find the bottom line price extremely competitive and if per chance you have an issue with the radio between 3 and 5 years old I subsidise the cost of your service by $50.

Quality Aviation Products from around the World

Cambridge Avionics
ClearNav Instruments

The long awaited CN vario from Dave Ellis/Richard Kellerman team is finally available in its basic club form or new cross country verson with secure logger which operates the very successful ClearNav Mulit Function Display.

CNv Club version........$US1550 +GST
CNv X country version..$US2300 + GST
ClearNav MFD II $3500 plus mount of your choice (eg Tunnel $US135)
Download the ClearNav doc


Tost GmbH Products
Weak links, glider tyres and wheels and safety equipment for use in rescue helicopters.

Weak links
parallel system in 300kg green 400kg yellow (both for aerotow use), 500kg white, 600kg blue, and 750kg red are the main ones used in Australia. Covers are usually used to protect link when used winching. German D bolts are very expensive so locally available D bolts with 6mm pin and a few washers as spacers works well.


  • 400x4 8pr Aeroclasic inexpensive and suitable for std cirrus, Libelle, ls1f etc
  • 400x4 8pr Tost more expensive but for LS8 etc
  • 210x65 4pr Aero clasic for split hubs
  • 200x50 6pr Aero clasic or to
  • 500x5 Aero clasic 4pr, 6pr and 10pr (note tubes can be TR87 LONG or TR87 SHORT stem)
  • 336x115 x5 10 pr -Tost - the small 500x5for Schemp Hirth gliders
  • 380x150x5 6pr for motorgliders and some 2 seater.
  • 600x6 6pr for later Grob 2 seaters
  • 260x65 6pr (called 300x4 also) TOST nose wheel for 2 seater - expensive.
  • 260x65 4pr (called 300x4 also) inexpensive.
  • Some foam filled tail wheels are available.

Releases nose and C of G, wheel parts inc brakes plus safety equipment for use in Rescue Helicopters.
More information at

Winter Instruments

Winter GmbH Mechanical Aviation Instruments - Altimeters, Airspeeds and Variometers

  • Altimeters 57mm 3 pointer
  • Airspeeds 80mm or 57mm in 1 and 1½ rev and ranges of 0-100kts, 0-140kts and 0-160kts with colour coding
  • Variometers 57mm or 80mm +/-10kts. Slip/skid indicators, glasses, seals and service for ageing varios 
More information at

Streinfender from Germany
Profile seals, kombi seals,  turbulator Z tape and tapes..
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Special Services

Harnesses for radios in aircraft and motorgliders including C&K quality US made switches.
Advice on lowering temperatures on engines used in towplanes that really works, and is very simple to implement.
Battery, antennae and general installation advice. 
Headset parts and repairs

Contact Ian McPhee
PO Box 657, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Mobile: 04 28 847 642
skype <macca304>
Byron Bay Gliding Club is a proud sponsor of the Australian Junior Gliding Team

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