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Microsmart Aviation Microphones

Mikrosmart Mk2

Mikrosmart Mk2


Flexible boom microphones for sailplanes
2400 units sold world-wide

Look at these features not seen on other microphones in gliding:

Boom strengthened at base - The base of the flexible booms has multi layers of heashrink in place with hot glue. The result is a boom which is flexible at the end much much firmer at the base, which makes the unit much less prone to failure - most gliding microphone booms fail at the base.

A longer 45 cm boom. The Icom boom is usually too short for sailplane applications at only 30cm, and the more recent Dittel/Becker units are now 40cm. However, the Mikrosmart is standard at 48cm, and a 50cm version is now available for those installations that need a slightly longer boom.

An extra foam muff
In addition to a small foam muff incorporated in the mic cap cover there is an aviation headset foam muff (windsock) over the end of the microphone held in place with O rings. This can easily be replaced when it eventually fails. The dual foam muffs really work well when vent window is open.

Quality Electret mic insert. Over 99% of microphones used today are Electret. While some hi-fi buffs consider dynamic microphones (as the Germans use) to offer superior quality reproduction, they are a mechanical device and as such will eventually fail, especially in the harsh conditions in which gliders often operate. The Electret has no moving parts and consequently an excellent service record. While the Mikrosmart boom mic works well with the Microair 760 transceiver, it usually needs a small preamp with most US and German radios - this is included in the head of the microphone. This needs to connect to the standard (carbon) microphone connection.

Features include:
Reinforced base - extra strength where all the others fail
Quality Italian boom which is built to last 
Dual foam muffs which help when vent is open 
Useful 48cm (11mm dia) boom 
Electret omni-directional mic insert, and now with preamp included in microphone head.

Specifications: 1K ohm impedance - 60db sensitivity, 20Hz -10kHz freq range 
All other radios need preamp which is in head of mic
Ideal for use in trucks and mini buses for mobile phone/2way installations

Demonstration Units Available 
Repairs to German dynamic microphones

Unit is guaranteed for 3 years.

Replacement muffs and other parts available.

-E  ELECTRET  (for Microair) $99.00
-AE AMPLIFIED ELECTRET (for almost all aviation transceivers) $143.00
-D DYNAMIC (for German radios set for Dynamic) $132.00
IN LINE PREAMP order Electret OR Dynamic $44.00
Dynamic Boom mic for German radios replacement $115.50

Prices in Australian dollars

Radio Problems and Quick Fixes - doc file download

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